Lily’s World

Who lives in Lily’s world? Here’s just a few of the great characters you’ll meet when you read THE LILY LIST MYSTERY SERIES:

LILY SCHMIDT The little florist in Kansas City has just been living her life, and working hard at doing her job well. But once a handsome stranger enters her shop, and a drug shipment mistakenly places her in danger, her life will never be the same. Lily’s motto soon becomes “normal is highly overrated”.

DEVLIN PIERCE This DEA agent is only there to complete a mission in THE POPPY DROP, but once he meets Lily he just can’t get her off his mind. She’s nothing he was looking for, and she becomes everything he needed.

ABBY Lily’s assistant is more important to her boss than she realizes. As Lily’s friend, she’ll do anything for her boss, and cheer her on when she meets the handsome DEA agent in THE POPPY DROP.

JEREMY As Abby’s boyfriend, Jeremy is a mix between a sports loving nut and a computer genius. We love him from the very beginning in THE POPPY DROP.

GRETCHEN MALLOY The coordinator you love to hate, Gretchen is way over the top, and a force to be reckoned with if crossed. Lily and she have a professional relationship that becomes a very unusual friendship. She makes her initial impression in THE POPPY DROP.

TOM Tom is one of the FBI’s finest. He is a calm, intelligent man who mentors Dev Pierce over the years. Tom is there to assist on the case in THE POPPY DROP.

JACK PIERCE Dev’s father welcomes Lily immediately to his family. He knows his son like no one else. Of course, he is in the very first novel THE POPPY DROP.

JACKSON PIERCE Dev’s sibling is exactly the little brother who still holds a grudge. This FBI agent, specializing in art, makes his debut in THE TULIP TERROR.

ARI GURIN We meet this man of mystery in THE TULIP TERROR. He’s one of those characters you never want to forget. As a super agent, Ari has his own secrets, but that doesn’t keep him from establishing a friendship with our heroine.

DAN The friendship of Dan, who is a Catholic priest and former Special Forces soldier, has the common sense that some of the guys are lacking. He becomes one of Lily’s best friends. We meet him in THE HIBISCUS HEIST.

PAUL One of Dev’s friends from his days in the Army, Paul is the quiet one, the one who lives a “normal” life. We meet him and the gang in THE HIBISCUS HEIST.

JT As the only Navy SEAL of the group, JT is an enigma, with more layers than Lily can strip away. We meet him at the Army-Navy football game party in THE HIBISCUS HEIST.

JILL Paul’s wife is only the second woman invited to a very special gathering of the all men’s group. She becomes a sounding post for Lily in THE TULIP TERROR.