Welcome to the world of Lily and THE LILY LIST MYSTERY SERIES. Lily was born into the book world in October, 2018 when Corrugated Sky Publishing took a chance on a new author.

LILY SCHMIDT is the list making, post-it note wedding florist who ends up with an unexpected delivery.  In fact, she doesn’t even know what she has…the Cartel has made a mistake and some of their drugs end up in her box of hydrangeas.  Enter DEA very special agent DEVLIN PIERCE.  His mission brings him to Kansas City and to Lily’s little shop.  His plan is to stop the bad guys and be on his way in just a matter of days.  But his plan becomes more complicated with a few twists and turns, and one small florist who keeps tugging at his heart.  Their adventure may end before it begins in The Poppy Drop.

I love sharing my own adventure with Lily, and all the time I spend with her, creating her dilemmas and danger. She’s my hero! She is also surrounded by so many characters. Hopefully, you enjoy them as much as I do. The Lily List Mysteries aren’t short on romance either with Devlin Pierce around.

Buy the books at the amazon link below.

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