The Lily List Mysteries

LILY SCHMIDT is the list making, post-it note wedding florist who ends up with an unexpected delivery.  In fact, she doesn’t even know what she has…the Cartel has made a mistake and some of their drugs end up in her box of hydrangeas.  Enter DEA very special agent DEVLIN PIERCE.  His mission brings him to Kansas City and to Lily’s little shop.  His plan is to stop the bad guys and be on his way in just a matter of days.  But his plan becomes more complicated with a few twists and turns, and one small florist who keeps tugging at his heart.  Their adventure may end before it begins!

The Poppy Drop – Florist Lily Schmidt can handle just about any emergency if it involves flowers, but when a box of hydrangeas she needs for a wedding is actually a drug shipment gone wrong, she could risk everything. Her business… her life… and even her heart. Handsome DEA agent Devlin Pierce’s plan is to solve the shipment mystery in a couple of days and collect the puzzle pieces to take down the bad guys. But he has entered the world of weddings and flowers; Lily’s world. The woman with her lists and post-it notes is not his type, but he’s finding it harder to imagine a day without her. He may have just found the one thing he wasn’t looking for.

The Hibiscus Heist – The Hibiscus Heist is the second adventure in The Lily List Mystery Series. It’s not easy for Lily and Devlin to ever get together, but this time, one wrong step could separate them forever. Will Lily’s world ever be normal again? She will soon discover that normal is highly overrated.

The Tulip Terror – The Tulip Terror is the third adventure in The Lily List Mystery Series. Lily and Dev’s usual challenge is just being together, but this time the danger is around every corner, on an airplane, outside a café, in a museum–it’s everywhere Lily is! The adventure begins and nothing is ever normal again for our little florist.

The Sweet Pea Secret – The Sweet Pea Secret is the fourth adventure in The Lily List Mystery Series. Lily is now happily married to her handsome DEA agent and is part of a team of dangerous men who would do anything to keep her safe. Join our intrepid little florist as she continues to grow in her new normal.

The Magnolia Dilemma – The Magnolia Dilemma is the fifth adventure in The Lily List Mystery Series. Lily Pierce dreams of magnolias blooming next to her front porch. But nothing seems to be easy for Lily especially when she digs up a mystery in her very own yard. That magnolia tree may never find a home!