C. L. Bauer resides in her hometown of Kanas City, home to some of the best barbecue, restaurants, theaters, and football (when the Chiefs are having a good year) in the country. In 2018, she returned to writing with the publishing of her first novel The Poppy Drop, a Lily List Mystery. She blended humor with wedding flowers (her family has owned the same flower business since before World War II) to create a world for her character, Lily. When you are involved in the wedding industry there are plenty of stories and characters. It’s easy to write a novel based on events that have actually happened and people you’ve enjoyed meeting over the years.

C. L. Bauer loves meeting her readers and listening to what they think will happen next and their pleas to not kill a certain character they love. When she’s not writing or designing wedding flowers, she keeps in touch with her family and friends, enjoys a good cup of coffee and going out to breakfast, traveling, binging on English murder mysteries, and anything Disney. She’s particularly fond of Eeyore, Chip and Dale (the furry ones with hips) and always cries when she sees the castle.

C. L. Bauer can be reached on social media everywhere including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Her website is, and you can email her at