The Hibiscus Heist Is Out

It’s true, the second book in THE LILY LIST MYSTERY SERIES, THE HIBISCUS HEIST is here!  You can order your e-book or paperback almost everywhere now on-line.  You can probably order on-line at Barnes and Noble and pick it up in-store.

I hope you enjoy the further adventures of Lily Schmidt.  Prior to Devlin Pierce walking into her flower shop, her life was pretty normal.  Do you ever feel like a hamster doing the same thing over and over in your own private Groundhog Day?  Well, that was Lily’s World, only hers was very organized with schedules and post-it notes to keep her company going.  Her business was her life, but now things have changed.

In this book, Lily has a car stolen, is being followed, and is haunted by the memory of her friend’s murder.  She’s also falling in love with a DEA agent who is usually unavailable, and sometimes she feels he is unattainable.  Her lack of self-esteem keeps holding her back from a life she only dreamed of having.

You’ll also meet a few of Dev’s gang.  Personalities abound!  You’ll meet a crazy ex-Navy SEAL, a married “normal” member of the former special forces unit, and a priest who offers opinions at the drop of a hat.

And of course, Gretchen Malloy, wedding coordinator supreme, is back.  Abby, Lily’s assistant is making her own changes in her life, and we have more weddings!  (All the wedding stories are based on actual events in the life of my family’s business, CLARA’S FLOWERS.)

I can also announce two more books in the series with my publisher, CORRUGATED SKY PUBLISHING.  Our next installment is THE TULIP TERROR and THE SWEET PEA SECRET.

I’m so excited to be writing this great series.  Even though it is my first, there are future books ahead.  Happy reading!

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