What Are You Reading?

Do you ever get those posts from authors and blogs that ask what book you are reading right now?  I do almost every Friday.  I love the authors that send them out and even some of the publishers.  But when I’m writing I’m really not reading anyone else.  I’m also beginning to to do my taxes for my small business I own so sitting down and reading a book would be a wonderful luxury right now.  It’s been so cold it would’ve been a real treat to sit back with a cozy afghan and a cup of hot cocoa and just turn those pages…I edited my next novel instead.  The snow was just as pretty.  Don’t feel bad if you aren’t reading anything but the back of a cold medicine box.  Sometimes it just has to be that way.  If you are on your third or fourth book of the month, keep on reading.  We authors really need you to do that!  (The Poppy Drop would be a great idea if you need a novel.)

Cold Outside? It’s Getting Warm For Lily

The Lily List Mystery Series is continuing!  Thank you Corrugated Sky Publishing.  Soon, we’ll be announcing information on book number two.  I’m looking forward to more book events around the nation and enlarging my social media footprint.  It is only the beginning.  Lily is finding more adventure in her future and she’s keeping me very busy!  If you have already read  The Poppy Drop, please, write a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads.  It really does help and if you have some thoughts it is very appreciated.  If you loved the book please tell your friends.  Thanks to all and happy reading!