A Place I Love–The Tulip Terror and Paris

If you’ve read this latest adventure of Lily’s life, you know she is having the time of her life! Devlin Pierce seems like the perfect man (not really), but he does have a few secrets and some quirky behavior. He also never knew how much he enjoys laughing, especially with Lily. I blended one of my favorite locations with some of my favorite things in this book.

Years ago I was blessed to be able to go on a tour of France. Although it was one of the hottest summers, it was the trip of a lifetime. The next time I visited, my niece and I planned a trip to Paris where we rented a flat, and we were mostly on our own enjoying the city. Filling out our traveling party was her daughter and my sister. We were celebrating life. We had just lost our sister and our nieces’ mother and grandmother respectively. We did toast her many times while there.

We remained in Paris, but we ventured out to Versailles, and on another day to Disneyland Paris. We floated down the Seine. We drank hot chocolate at Angelina’s. We went to Sunday Mass at Notre Dame, and we watched the final stage of the Tour De France. It was a magical trip for all of us, especially since we did it together. My sister, who had never been to Europe before, was mesmerized by how the Eiffel Tower was so lacy.

I chose Paris for Dev and Lily because it is magical, and it is one of the most romantic places on earth. I fell in love with the city (Lily does too), and I can’t wait to return. This time, I’d like to save up to stay at the Hotel Regina (used this as the hotel they stayed at in the book).

And can we talk about the food and wine? Where else would Dev take a foodie like Lily than Paris? From street food to beautiful steak dinners and desserts, Parisian food is a sight for the eyes, and a taste for your tongue you’ll never forget. Even pizza tastes better there. The best cup of coffee I’ve ever had was at Disneyland Paris. If you ever visit, just order the regular run-of-the-mill table wine. We never had a bottle we didn’t like! Oh, and we tried several bottles. We weren’t driving.

I could go on and on about Paris. Oh, I’ve heard how rude the people are. Well, it depends on your attitude. They don’t smile very much, but they love their dogs more than children. If you make an attempt to know a few words, they are very helpful and appreciative. The police were amazingly friendly. Of course, we did have a beautiful young lady with us…that helps a lot!

I hope you enjoy The Tulip Terror! I enjoyed writing it, and I love all the new characters who entered Lily’s world. They’ll be back, and I’ll be back in Paris as soon as I can. Au revoir!

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